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Posted by on 2013/01/10 under Uncategorized

today is really getting to me it feels like no matter how hard i try its never enough for you i try to do everything to make u happy but it fels like u get mad at me over every little thing i just dont understan u make me feel like less of person and i love u we have a child together u dont treat me like u used to do u dogg me out everyday calling me b****es in front of our daughter like i mean nothing to u im sorry if i make mastakes sometimes but i try not to im only humar i wish i could tell u this but u will just think its a joke im so tired of fighting all the time i try not to say anthing so u can just drop it but its like u wont stop until im sreaming at the top of my lungs something got to give i dont no waht else to say i miss my mom so much she been sick for a while i just try to keep how i feel inside if something would happen to my mom i would have noone i tthought u would be here in my time of need like iam there when u need me but everyone aint the same i guess

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