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Posted by on 2014/08/08 under Games

Here’s the story of 2 scammers who I hope do not live happily ever after.
Anyway, so it begins.
There’s a guy on an on-line game. He wont work for his items, nor will he pay real money for it. So what does he do? Scams people from their items. Lets call this scammer “Kun”.
Kun thinks of a way to trick people into sending him their account information (password, login email, username, all that). He comes up with the idea of making a computer program that is supposed to give you free items, gems, coins, and all other things you would want to get in an online game. He makes the computer program in Microsoft Visual Basic. He makes it look like a legit hack that could earn you free in game items. He tests everything out. All good. He uploads this “hack” to the internet. Now he waits for his prey.
This hack doesn’t actually work. All it does is send your password and email address straight to the hacker. Yep. You enter in your email adress, your password, and you hit enter, hoping that you’ll get a bunch of free items. Nope. All your’e gonna get your account hacked.
I KNOW this because I can make an account stealing program like this myself. You don’t need advanced computer software or skills. Seriously. Just look up “How to make an account stealing program” on google. Tutorials and videos are there for you. (I dont recommend you do it).
In addition to that, the scammer, Kun, says in order for the “hack” to work, your account must be level 25 or higher. You must also wait 3 days to get your items, and you CANT log in to your account during those 3 days. That is complete baloney.
Why does your account have to be level 25+? Because if youre a new player, level 3 or something like that youre most likely not gonna have alot of good items or coins the scammer can take.
Why do you have to wait 3 days, and not log in during this time? The 3 days just gives the scammer enough time to steal from your account. You “cant” log in because if you did, you would notice stuff changed around!
So, I hope that makes sense.
Anyways, continuation on the story.
The scammer, Kun, tries to trick me and another girl, into using this “hack”. Lets call this other girl Cherry. Cherry and I obviously know its a scam. We aint falling for that. We talk about how this guy is a total scammer and is pathetic for trying to steal from others. We sorta become friends.
Meanwhile, Kun talks quite a lot to Cherry. They seem to become friends as well. Kun trusts and likes Cherry.
Eventually, Kun admits to Cherry that the “hack” does not work and is indeed only a scam. We already know this, but whatever. But, what Kun does is send Cherry ALL of the emails and passwords of the people who have fallen for the hack. Cherry now has access to ALL of the accounts.
Cherry tells me all of this. She claims that “shes worried” and “this isnt right”.
Over the next few days, Cherry and I dont talk.
But then I notice something.
I go onto Cherry’s profile.
Suddenly, she has lots of items, such as Crystal Flake wings (worth about 50 million, tons of coins, and residency. This does not happen overnight.
Before, she was quite poor. I doubt all her items combined would be worth over 10 million. She also barely had any coins.
At this point im 85% convinced she has teamed up with Kun to steal accounts. Over the next little while she gets more and more items every day. We still dont talk. Someone tells me that Cherry is now in control of the “hack” and the account stealing, and thats true. Cherry is now trying to trick people into using the “hack”. She claims it works, and thats how she got all her new items. Truth is, she’s only stolen the items from other people.
Some time passes. Cherry messages me saying “We need to take Kun down!” She says we need to report him for his lies and scamming. I tell her I sent multiple reports but Ive only sent 1. We talk some more, and she admits that she’s part of it too. That she hacked some people’s accounts and stole their items. She sold somebody’s ghost boy socks. She said “it was greed that took over my common sense”. I barely feel sorry.
Since that, we havent talked. Its been about half a month.
Right now, she’s on the rich side. Shes got items like lion claws, starry eye tat, cat paws, a happy cloud, and many other items. I’d say in total her items are worth around 300 million.
None of it has been earned legitimately though.

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