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Posted by on 2020/10/24 under Family

For as long as I can remember, my mom and I have often had a weird bond over wetting. When I was little, I often had accidents. I would cry but my mom would comfort me. I remember one time I looked up from my crying to see a dark stain spread across her pants as she smiled. This would continue for a while. I would have accidents and my mom would pee her pants to make me feel better.

On car rides, my mom would always beg my dad to stop somewhere so she can pee. My dad didn't like stopping and my mom would often pee her pants. She often refused to change until we got to our destination. I always felt bad for her when she had accidents but she always seemed to be more cheerful after wetting herself.

Recently, the two of us have started having pee holding contests. My mom will always wet herself first. It's either because she laughed, or couldn't hold it, or she just didn't feel like holding it. I will often follow suit and wet myself after she finishes. We sometimes set and talk in our wet clothes before my dad comes home.

I love being able to bond with my mom with pee.

One thought on “Mom & Son Bond

  1. Anonymous says:

    This be very peculiar, that’s only because I would do something similar with my mom. It has made our son and mother bond stronger. We see who can pick the biggest buggy. Once we size them up we flick it as far as it will go. If we’re in public it just gets wiped on random things. I’ve come to notice the more rubbery in texture buggy’s go the furthest but the stringy runny ones are better for spreading on things.
    Continue to bond over your urinary incontinence, I might suggest one thing, invest in some briefs for adults. Less of a mess!

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