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Posted by on 2018/08/04 under Family

i can't believe he did that to me. i was a child. i was a f***ing child, i didn't know what i was saying, and he did that to me. does he know? how badly i cried? how horribly i realized then and there that i don't stand a goddamn chance? i hope he knows. i hope it f***ing haunts him. i hope he's never proud again. f*** off, "dad". f*** off.

One thought on “he gave me a knife and told me to do it

  1. Anonymous says:

    Well, welll weeeeellll!
    I looks like he called your bluff NOW DONT IT?

    Look who is here writing and still trying to get that empty abyss of attention.

    Obviously, the knife was not sharp enough or you just wanted the attention from all the drama you tried to create.

    It didnt work then nor now!

    Quit trying to blame da-da for not playing your game.

    Either do it and hope someone pittys you or grow up and realize everyone has problems and life is not always a free mielinal cup cake.

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