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Posted by on 2021/09/12 under Work

I tendered my new job 3 weeks into the job. Need to serve 1 month notice. At the start I felt really overwhelmed with the workload and how I was being trained. Currently I am 1month 2 weeks into the job and I felt like the workload is ok just need to work extra a few days. However, the main reason I left was because of the person training me. She will be moving on to another role. So I will still have to work with her. It's not like she didn't teach me. It's just she is a perfectionist that want me to do her way. But kept telling me I could do it my way. So when I first met the issue, I would ask her for advice. She would then reply "I told you before, you think and you tell me." I told her I really couldn't remember, and she ask me to refer to her notes. But the problem is her notes is only understandable to her… Slowly my confidence level just kept getting pushed down by her. "Why did you email it this way, did you check your email? You shouldn't do this? did you send this? Tell me what should you be following up on? What are you going to do tdy?"

So I finally cave in when I had sleepless night and start puking. I tendered but the company still expect me to learn finish to clear the work and possibly train any new person. FYI, this is a one man team. So only this girl could train me.

So they hired a new lady. And on Friday the old girl told me to train the new hire on a report that I only listen once and never did up from scratch yet. And she want to be in the training call. So I went ahead and teach with what I remembered and what I feel works for me. And midway she kept interrupting "Are you sure you should do this? Did you miss a step? No, it is not because of this. Do you wanna explain why you need to do this step?" So one part where I was unclear I decided to step up and ask her to teach so that the new hire will not be confused. She replied "NO. You teach, if you are wrong I will step in." I was about to breakdown then. I still have a week more to serve. And when we ended the training, the new hire told me "I could sense why you quit." I felt this relieve like I thought maybe I am this lousy that's why I couldn't get the hang of the work quickly or remember everything the old girl teach. But luckily it's not just me, the new girl felt that the workload is really alot. So hopefully the next week I could get past it in peace.

I'm now actually contemplating whether I should tell the HR the real reason so the new hire will not face what I face. But the old girl has been in this company for a long time. So I felt I can't trust the HR too.

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