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Posted by on 2019/09/13 under Work

I can't remember how long it's been since I've typed in this website. Found it when I was younger in boarding school freshman year. High school always felt as though falling down a black hole would last forever. Thinking back, "I'm gonna do way better after high school!" This was obviously a lie! After high school was a complete mess. Going to college when I always hated school. Side Story: my mom says I would fight my teachers since Kindergarten because I didn't want to go. Never did the homework unless the school actually forced me to do it. Parents weren't really there to actually help with school besides drop me off every now and then. Also did not attend school very much in elementary, middle, high school, and college. Hence my lack of motivation to actually do good in school. End of Side note. College wasn't for me but there was some classes that was pretty intriguing like Business. Lived with my sister at the time and her rules of living there for free was either go to work or school. School seemed easier sometimes. Then there was a slump! Didn't do crap for about a year. Tried going back to college every now and then but still had no motivation. Did help out at a property management/Real Estate office every now and then for work experience. Actually got a job after that year of failing in life. Worked there for almost 2 years at a call center. Liked it at first because it taught me a lot about Customer Service and more technology. When everything is new and still more things to learn, it gets to be a normal routine. This normal routine made me think that there should be more to life. Hated the job later on, was sick and tired of the same routine, same calls, the interaction was mostly on phones, the job position was unfulfilling, and the fact that it did not use most of my job skill set. The original plan after high school was to actually get married and have kids. I love playing with kids, they usually are more fun than adults in my opinion. Considered working with children but that generally requires college classes and certifications. This also includes having money to do all of this. Mind you, I do not have all of this money. I pay rent, cable and internet, some app subscriptions, car, and living expenses with roommates. Currently looking for jobs. The words that keep echoing in my head, "Although we were impressed with your job qualifications, we decided to choose another candidate." This has got to be a joke! If you were that impressed then hire me for crying out loud! It's really sad living a life that you don't want and have it crumbling apart when all people need to do is make money in order to survive this world. Running away would be one of my specialties. Especially when it's about responsibilities that I don't like. The more hate in life, the more I choose to run away. There was a time that work would just make me want to cry so after work, I'd drive for about an hour (wasting gas…) just to cry or not be home. Worked over 40 hours a week. Everything was great in the beginning. It always starts out great until the unsatisfying feelings come in. Don't worry, the job search is still going on and there is no giving up when there is too many bill to be paid.

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