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Monday 11th February 2013

God, I need you

GOD?! if your there, speak to me! ive been sitting here waiting and listening but i hear nothing. i feel nothing. i feel like an empty shell of a human being without you! i dont know where to find you, i dont know what to do anymore you set me on this journey and im [..more..]

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i dont care whether anyone else thinks your beautiful or what but i think you are. youve always been so cute and what not but I especially cherished your intellect. The ability to conversate with you, and actually see you swim with me, was remarkable. Im not trying to sound ostentatious but yeah it was [..more..]

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Wednesday 13th July 2011

you got angry at me for caring about you….

you got angry at me for caring about you. when you were talking funny i asked you what was wrong and you got angry at me. I F***ING CARE ABOUT YOU and you get mad at me like im doing something wrong. and now what? youve got a facebook daughter, yeah sure fine. i have [..more..]

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