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Wednesday 21st May 2014

Whore Girlfriend I think….

My girlfriend uses the same username for all her sites from YouTube to soundcloud etc…. I did a Google search of her user name which brought up a shock! She is registered to four different casual sex sites! One is based off a popular porn website too which makes me want to vomit! Now admittedly [..more..]

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Thursday 9th January 2014


I am a youtuber. Youtube added something so I have 2 channels now, DanPlays and one with my full name. My channels keep switching ALL the time. Yesterday I was uploading a video, it took like 6 hours to upload. Today I woke up and noticed that the video had been uploaded on the wrong [..more..]

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Friday 22nd February 2013

please don’t be offended

hello world I have videos on youtube and we are talking about a lot of things people just having fun not even thinking about anything negative just laughing and talking singing and more family bonding time so to all that viewed our videos just know that were normal and observing our surrounding and discussing how [..more..]

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Monday 14th January 2013

Some People

I hate it when people bash your favorite music. Especially on Youtube. If you don’t like the music then don’t watch it or say rude comments! The music is there for the fans to listen to. Not to some dumb people who can’t appreciate the hard work put into songs.They make accounts and just hate [..more..]

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Saturday 17th November 2012


I want to be known!!! I always see regular pretty girls who go to school become instantly famous on YouTube, twitter, instagram etc. Why can’t I be? I’ve been trying so hard -_- they make it look so easy.

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Wednesday 4th April 2012


So i dance me and my cousins but we dont have a camera that will record so we cant post them on youtube or anything we live in maryland and cant go to California/LA so people can see how good we are. We tryed to go for the scream tour but we notice how hard [..more..]

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Thursday 16th June 2011

PLEASE READ. EVERYONE…. READ READ READ THIS!!! ok, so i know many of you on here have friendship problems. it may be over text, call, face to face, anything. but this, this is about apologizing. Even when you KNOW you’re right. This is was my case. Here is my story. I was on YouTube. Earlier [..more..]

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