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ok, so i know many of you on here have friendship problems. it may be over text, call, face to face, anything.

but this, this is about apologizing. Even when you KNOW you’re right.

This is was my case. Here is my story.

I was on YouTube. Earlier that week, my friend had told me about this one girl she THOUGHT was her friend. But, as it turned out, she had ditched her (as she had done to many friends many times) and sweared at her, called her ugly, and so many more mean, hurtful things. So, as I was sitting on Youtube, I saw I had a message. I read it. It said, sure, I would love to hang out! What’s your number? When can you hang out? It was from the mean “friend.” I was thinking, surely this isn’t from [my nice friend.] She had just said how much she hated her for everything she had done.

But I checked the sent box, and sure enoughh, replying to a message, it said, Wanna hang out? form my nice friend.

Of course, I was mad. Really mad. My friend was sending messages on our youtube account to a friend she had to told me she hated. And, on another page, it said, to the mean friend: “sorry i couldn’t reply sooner. I had to wait till emma got off the profile so i could reply.” She was writing BEHIND MY BACK?? that was just mean now.

I was pretty mad. And, I know this story is pretty long. So I’ll finish it up.

My friend and I had a text war.

we kept fireing insults and more and more comebacks at eachother.

Finally I couldn’t take it anymore.

I wrote a super long, REALLY well thought out apology. I wanted this to end. I knew we both had done things wrong, because I knew I had overracted a bunch, and she had wrote things behind my back. But we were also both right in a way. She was only trying to be nice, and I knew she really DID want to be friends with her, though she was lying about that.


I sent the text, and i admit it was a little corny, especially at the end where it said, “do you accept my apology?” But though it may sound corny, it does bury deep in their heart.

Without apologies, friend fights would never end. Sometimes, and I know this may sound hard, but you have to apologize. Even IF you KNOW you are right and they are wrong. [for parts of it.] Sometimes this war needs to end, one way or another.

To end this, I just need to say, when you are, say, in a fight with a friend,just apologize. You may think it’s the end of the world, and you and your friend will be enemies forever, but really, if you just apologize, it fixes that friendship right up.

If your friend does not accept, then YOU should accept that. Give them some time, and if they still say no, they might have a reason to say that. If what you are fighting about isn’t such a big deal, then they really aren’t the best of friends. If they were a true friend, they would say yes.

Just remember, fights shouldn’t last forever. Sometimes you just need to step up and do the right thing.

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