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Friday 5th October 2012

Too Erick ,

I think of you at night all the time . Everyday I wish to see you and i do . I only wish we would be more , that we would talk . That id be something more than what I am . I know you see me . I know you have a hopeless [..more..]

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Him .

Wishing I could tell you what I really think , It’s bad enough we don’t talk .. at all ..anymore . Wish were were back in 8th grade so we could meet again and change everything , because i don’t like now . Were I would be yours and you would be mine .

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Sunday 20th November 2011


I just can’t stop thinking about what I did. I know it was the right decision for me at the time. I know it was the right thing to do for the BOTH of us at the time. But 4 years on I am still tormenting myself with the ‘what if’s’ of the situation. What [..more..]

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Friday 1st April 2011

Today I’m Really Wishing I Hadn’t Screw Things Up With My Dad He Trys To Make Everything Right Again But I Never Let Him I’m Teird Of Lying And Fighting I Want My Life Back And Everything Else I Had My Freinds My Hopes My Dreams I Thought This Was The Life I Wanted But [..more..]

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