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Hi, Thanks to whoever is reading this..

Let me intro myself, i am in 9th grade and i dont have very good grades in geometry or physics… my parents ABUSE ME a lott!!! This is becomming worse evryday… Honestly i have tears in my eyes as i type this. My parents have started to abuse my little sister who is in 2nd grade.. My dad is a PHD and i feel sooo dumb as i am barely passing. My parents are hitting my sister a lot, she is crying like crazyyy!!! i dont know what to do. I honestly want to commit suicide. Iwant to study in the u.S but my parents might not allow, I get abused for everything. Do u think my mom’s right, do i really have ADHD. A PHD’s daughter, being sooo dumb! I am the eldest child in both families, my parents say ” if you mess up, everyone- meaning cousing- will also be messed up”. I have too much pressure. I want to commit suicide!!!!

2 thoughts on “Help

  1. Iunderstand says:

    Fond someone your close to adult kid teeen anyone tell them whats happening at home, this is what i did, i was getting pyshically an meantaly abused by my mom, i told my bestfreind an she told her parents, her parents helped me find a way away from my mom. If anything go to a teacher an tell them whats happening and ask for help, reach out to people

  2. Anonymous says:

    you should go on and dnt think suicide u have to be strong for u and ur sister just thin what would happen to her if you arent there

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