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Posted by on 2012/11/14 under Uncategorized

i feel like the most horrible friend on the planet…i like my best friend’s boyfriend and i know it is wrong but i cant control my feelings..i have never kept a secret away from her.i feel so guilty and dark.i dont know what i should do.i dont want to begrudge any of their happiness i can’t afford to loose both of them…their my very close friends that i can trust..WHY ME?

One thought on “Guilty

  1. Gladys says:

    I know how you feel. I used to feel this way to my best friends boyfriend to. I felt so wrong I had strong feelings cause of the moments I passed. But you know what I said to myself? I have to understand there happy, I didn’t talk to them for a while until the feelings would go away and I always said to my self someone will come and love me. I started to get to know people and guess what? I got to know this guy in high school and me and him are so happy now.

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