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i just went on and on about things and i just need to actually stop i need to move on with many thing i love my life something is just not right though i am a lesbian and i mean i havent had a girlfriend in like 3 years and i just need to stop worrying about everyone else and actually worry about myself right??
i mean who worries about me other wise than my mom
i dont need all that love me from a friend i actually want it from someone who actually wants to be with me and just want me for me … i hate that many things i do…i have to worry about what people think??
yet im so blunt about like evrything!
i really dont care what i have to say to anyone because i will say think and do anything..
i mean thats being real right?
thats the best way i can go with many things ..
i know you guys may not or may read this..
but someone i know has to feel the same way im feeling right:\
i mean doesnt it feeel like we are alone in this world?
i dont ever wanna feel like im the only one there for myself
because i know im not i know this whole letter wont even make sense when im done lol
ive never actually put down my feelings on the web before usually i just keep them to myself but it feels good letting things out..
more when you dont know who these people who read your things are?
is it me that ruins everything??
am i the one who doesnt know what thety want?
but yet in some wau i know im not the only one that feels like
im pretty much awkward ;/
i love the things that maybe the happiest things in life i know that not only does it feel like i know what im not doing it right but it feels like i am the one that understands many things on wwhat people go throgh but i can never understand how i feel ..?
am i the one that only can suck up so much life and yet just sit there and take many things and i know for a fact that people will be like the f*** is this b**** talking about lol.
im sorry im just writting things that i dont even know what have to do with anything..i love everthing im the only one that understands thibgs with people ahaha..
i have a dig i talk to abd i talk to him cuz i know he doesnt have nothing to say lol i mean he leaves sometimes but thats cuz i smother him and i feel all like this guys lol.
i am daisy and i am bipolar and i have some many things to do with life that i dont understand i love myself but than i hate myself thank you life for making things so hard i love that you can do this to me .. make me feel like s*** one day and than the next day make mefeel so happy f*** life…
i know that sometimes that life is hard but some of you dont know that for me life is the hardest thing to face every single f***ing day,
lol… thank you for reading.. (:

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