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ok a long time ago me and my friend dated and he was a good BF at first then he cheated on me and got perverted so we borke up. Then about maybe 2 weeks later we got back together. And then not long after that he went around grabbing another girls butt. :'( i was so mad and upset….this all happened at school thats the only place i see him. This went on back and forth all the time. but i kept telling myself that i love him although i know i do. Then finally he cheated on me with my best friend then we got back together secretly. and then he cheated on me with another one of my friends but im still friends… im a girl….anyways im still friends with my cheating ex boyfriend i dont know why. Anyways lately we flirt allot and i know i keep telling myself im gonna go back right into the same cycle with him although i dont know if i want to or not. And he just recently broke up with his girlfriend for me. i feel super bad because i didnt want him to and he sat right in front of me and lied why he broke up with her to his other friends…i knew it wasnt true…thats what upset me. and he always says he likes me but i dont know if i want to take the chance of getting hurt again…Although all of my friends tell me not to date him, that doesnt help me make up my mind…i dont know to trust him or not cause i see him flirt with other girls but somehow that doesnt change how i feel and i really need an eyeopening response and i need some help pplease take the time to simply respond that would mean the world too me!!! please im begging you! i just am lost! please help me! and please no rude comments! thank you…………


3 thoughts on “Dont know what to do!!! help!

  1. aerianna says:

    you are not lonely in this world and you will find the right guy in you life maybe now are later in life. Aerianna out

  2. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think you should he is just using and you are better then that listen to your friends

  3. Anonymous says:

    don’t do it… just don’t…

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