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Posted by on 2012/11/04 under Uncategorized

i have had my up in downs in relationships but maybe this time i have it right. i scared to say it to anyone, i don’t have any friends i trust. but the way he makes me feel its so amazing hes always there no matter what. i’m praying hes not just a good actor,and he really feels the same way i wish i had a bestfriend to blab to about how i feel but they’re all in the past. i hate to thing back on all the memorize. its pretty much an old life. but most of all i miss my bestfriend (more like sister) Kate. i guess boys were more important to her 6 years were thrown away in seconds. i still dont understand how it all happend. but it didnt nothing can be redone. for a while i really gave up nothing was going right. i didnt have any true friends i was always sad. but then i met him and its slowly getting better i miss my old life skating every Friday with a bunch of friends waking up at friends tried from night of partying. i miss that i miss alot but we have to grow up right? new chapter new begging and who knows how it will end…

“it only takes 30 seconds of courage”

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