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I feel like i cant take it anymore. Everyone is on me about everything. I just want to get help. I cant take most of my friends, Ive lost my bestfriend. My mum dosent want to talk about my depression with me. I feel lost and confused. I dont know where to turn. My heart feels like a ballon, its about to pop. every time i feel the tears running down my face its pure acid. Everythime i cut i feel the blade deep in my arm. I cant stand these feelings anymore. Nobody is helping. My friend and I are both depressed. He threatened to commit suicide over a fight and i feel guilty. My sibling only bothers me about my cuts with the same question. Why? The only reason i can give him is because im hurting. I have atempted suicide once and now i crave death again. my heart, soul,mind and life are so wrong and I hope i can get them right

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Please do not commit suicide. I am assuming you are relatively young, and you have a whole life ahead of you. Ending it now would be a tragedy. Before you do anything rash, think of how ending your life might affect your brother who seems to care deeply about you and wants to understand you. If you are having lots of trouble and just need someone to talk to, go to your counselor at school, tell them you are really upset and you need to talk to someone. That’s what they are there for, please utilize that. I have no clue what you might be going through, but please talk to your counselor, and if you cannot live for yourself right at this moment, live for your brother. He cares about you and clearly is worried and trying to understand you. There is someone out there that will listen, maybe you just haven’t found them yet. So give yourself time to find that person, give yourself time to be happy, give yourself time to love. You deserve to be happy, and can be. Please seek out your counselor.

  2. don't worry be happy says:

    “don’t worry be happy” i would get so mad evrytime i heard that and i would be like “it’s not that easy ! you can’t just be happy” but really you can and you writer you’re saying that no one is helping but you need to realise that you don’t need anyone you can help yourself

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