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Yesterday my boyfriend went to a party with out me i was fine with that cause i can trust him but when i started texting him he sounded like he was giving me attitude and i got upset ans i told him well then today i woke up and texted him sorry and then i called him he sat there and told me he wasnt ready for a relationship and that it was unhealthy to fight a lot i sat on the phone with him for two hours crying and telling him how much i loved him and how i didnt want to lose him well after that he broke up with me i said fine and started to cry outragiously then two minutes later he told me he didnt want to brake up now i feel like hes just dateing me cause he feels bad and i really dont know what to do at this point cause i dont want to lose him 🙁 ;(

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  1. Anonymous says:

    All I can suggest is to communicate with him about any issues that arise in the relationship, and I mean communicate, not argue or blame one another. If he does say again that he’s no longer interested in the relationship, however, you can’t guilt him back into it. It’s just like forcing someone to do something they don’t want to do. Remember, in order to maintain a relationship, there needs to be effort on both sides, not one.

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