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Posted by on 2012/10/26 under Uncategorized

Well i stumbled upon this site while browsing the web and I am glad to see there is a place I can post my problems and such. I’m in a conundrum right now between the horrible scenario of “He said, She Said” My best friend, who I have know for over 6 years now and I consider a sister more than anything, confronts me to tell me that my girlfriend, of over 3 years now, is cheating on me and has been cheating on me for some time with a certain guy I have already confronted and fixed the issue with. Now unsure of what to do I asked for proof. My best friend sends me pics of a facebook profile of my girlfriend,under a different name, in a relationship with the same guy I’ve had the problem with before. So I confront my girlfriend about it and send her the pics telling her to explain. She says that she made that to piss off her dad, who really likes me and considers me already part of his family. So not knowing if she is telling the truth or not I search for the profile and nothing comes up. So either she has my facebook blocked or it doesn’t exist. So I make a new facebook and try and find her and still nothing. Then my best friend calls me and has multiple people that say that they have thought me and my girlfriend have been broken up for a long time. They all believe that she is with the other guy. Now the only reason why I don’t instantly believe that they are telling the truth is because I have had the same problem before and all of the people telling on my girlfriend told me they were lying to me because they were pissed at my girlfriend. Now I’m in the army and about 3 hours from my girlfriend and so I can’t just go and find out myself and I am going crazy because this is a major issue. I believed I was going to marry her and everything but I just need some neutral advice before I do something that I will regret.

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