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Posted by on 2012/10/24 under Uncategorized

(sorry for little to know punctuation or bad grammar just want to write my thoughts down.) I am depressed and confused. I’m not sure anything I do is right anymore, I think I’m a horrible father and my wife has told me that I am a bad husband. I was an artist and a photographer. I used to paint and draw and loved taking pictures even had a career for awhile but I can’t function properly long enough to be successful. I find that the wall are closing in and I have nowhere to go. I have started to self medicate (not a good sign) I think my family would be better off with out me I know my absents would be mist for a little while but as life moves on so do people. I have poisoned everybody around me I am untrustworthy and obviously egotistical i never wanted to hurt my family i love them very much but Imo not helping. Imo on the verge of cracking almost every minute i can’t even sit and watch tv anymore nothing works nothing matters I have ruined my wife son and everyone else life Imo not a man, a father, or a husband i am an empty shell that just wants to close his eyes and never open them again

sorry again for all the bad english I usually check and re check everything i just don’t care


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