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Well not only am I in love with my best friend, I’m in love with the most indecisive person I have ever met. I love him…and I hate him. Hes the sweetest guy ever..hes the biggest jerk ever. There are no words to describe how this guy makes me feel. Well we met the first day of kindergarten, and who new I would know him this long. As we grew out of that stage where there were “cooties”, we grew closer. It’s been at least 17 years and over the past 3 years i can’t remember one recent happy moment together. All we do is fight!! He’s the kind of guy that’s very touchy with friends that are girls, and I can’t help it I’m a very jealous person. He promises me he will change but honestly I don’t see a change in him what so ever. I’ve given up the so many good guys in my life because this idiot can’t make up him mind? It’s unfair!! I’s hard to walk away and be done with that person. There will always be feeling for him and that’s okay I just want to be happy. Last time I checked love didn’t have the letter u in it. i wanted to write this because I know there are girls out there who have that one guy that doesn’t deserve them. I really want to be happy, but I know the only way i will be is if I just move on and find somebody else that doesn’t have to think twice about being with me.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    i completely agree with you. i had a best guy friend who i actually waited for and even helped him with his love life.he even knew i liked him. it gotten to the point where i just couldnt handle it so i started to dating some other guy and so happens that my guy friend came around and realized that he had feeling for me but by that point it was too late. hes still a good friend of mine. but what im trying to say is you need to put yourself first for once. put feelings aside and move on by dating other people. maybe youll find what you were looking for all along in someone else. then theres always that chance, like mine, that he’ll realize that he does like you more than a friend it just took seeing you with someone else to make him see.

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