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Okay, so I think I like this guy, and hes one of my best friends. We like alot of the same thing, and he puts up with my randomness. But im not sure if I like him… I dont know what its like to love someone anymore. I post on here alot, and in my posts, talks about the things that brought me into depression, So you cant really blame me for forgeting. I think of him alot, but I used to do that with all my guy friends… Ish. My thoughts on him are more… Fantasy? I dunno. I dont exactly get butterflies when I think of him, and I dont when around him. I dont get upset when someone says he would make a cute couple with my best friend( and they also say we would too), but I do think about it… Or maybe I forgot how to be jealous too? Probably. Im really weird, and hate getting talked back to, and like to mess with people. Not bully wise. He lets me put his hair in a short pony tail every time I feel like it, and we can talk about things others cant, since one of our interests is something not many at our school notice, Anime. My best friend denys it, but I think she likes him, because she listens to our conversations on our prefurences, and then goes and forces his intrests to be hers. I think its stupid. She always brings him into everything and it gets annoying, but I dont show it. And she was the one that usually noticed when my panic attacks would act up and make me cry, but now she forgets about them… And sometimes my possible crush, notices, but she doesnt care. It makes me have them more frequently, especially knowing I have a chance that I might like this guy. I hate liking people, because I feel like it isnt worth it. Do you thing I have a cruch on him? What shoul I do about it? And what about my best friend? I have severe depression and this is making it worse, please comment.

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