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I hate my life! My homework is piling up i took my sat’s yesterday and my grandparents with whom I live with are calling me a liar and saying they know I wasn’t at school.. I cant stand being here. My grandma told me to leave because she doesn’t want any bad testimonies in her house…this stupid house shes a pastor and is one of the worst people I have ever met. She doesn’t respect any of her family she adopted my younger brothers when my mom went to jail and she gets about 2000 a month for them but cant find money to buy them clothes…but she can use 200 on a crib for someone in church. I hate her! Ive never said it but its how I feel. I miss my mom its been 2 ½ years and I hate it. me and my sister in my grandmas eyes never do anything right. I feel like I cant stand life anymore. Im talking college classes and high school classes and instead of being proud my grandparents say im a liar and I just don’t go to school…what can I do my grandma is so strict and doesn’t let me do anything im not allowed to spend the night at anyones house. She wont let me get my license, she doesn’t liet me go to the mall she threatens to take my phone when I pay for it. I don’t even see a point in going to church but I of course have to go I don’t have a choice..i don’t even believe in a god anymore. I don’t know what to do with my life, I hate this place but I cant leave my little brothers with a monster like her…please help me, someone, anyone, please.

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