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Not being racist or anything but I have a family(?) of Indians living across from me. Actually I think it’s like illegal shared housing or something because there are always so many cars and people going in and out of the standard one story house. Literally there are like two different taxis, a van, a couple of other cars. They are parked there so frequently that I doubt that they can be guests. Also they park directly opposite our driveway, it’s not illegal here but seriously, do you want us to hit your car or something? It makes it so annoying to reverse out of the driveway that we just prefer to reverse onto the front lawn before driving out directly, ruining our front lawn for their sake.

Then their music. Everyone’s entitled to listen to whatever music they like and at whatever time they like. But they like to BLAST IT OUT LOUD every other day. This isn’t just during normal day time either, I’ve woken up several times during the night at 2-3am because one of them are driving home, with their stereo blast out to the max. No one likes getting woken up. And you’d think that now that they’ve reached home, they’ll turn off the music, turn off the engine and go inside. Unfortunately not. I have no idea why, but it takes them half an hour or so to actually get out of the car and inside. What the f*** are you doing in the car at 2-3am with f***ing loud ass music for half an hour? And maybe your days run at different hours, but mine don’t. I still have to wake up at 7 every weekday and cart my ass off to uni, then wake up at 8 every weekend for work.

I think this is the reason that people like to discriminate against Indians in Australia. They’re used to loudness and hustle and bustle from where they’ve come from that their behaviour in that setting would’ve been considered normal. However, in a suburban street it only comes across as annoying and frustrating. Also illegal, I could definitely call the cops on them, but my parents are trying to play nice.

Then they like to stand around in groups outside my house. You live across the street. If you want to stand around talking for hours, DO IT OUTSIDE YOUR OWN FRONT HOUSE. I don’t want to hear your yammering while I’m trying to study. Granted, it’s an asian thing that conversing requires high volume, I understand, I’m asian too. But there are limits, you can’t act like that all the time. And when we try to get out of the house, your friend in his running car with half of it blocking our driveway don’t even have the decency of moving, EVEN THOUGH THE CAR IS ALREADY ON AND HE IS IN IT. Why the f*** are a group of grown men just standing there watching us trying to get out past a f***ing car that’s blocking our driveway? What are you watching for? A miracle that we can get out without scraping or hitting something? Use your brains. You have so many cars, undoubtedly you can understand the situation and know that IT’S JUST NOT F***ING POSSIBLE UNLESS YOU MOVE.

Seriously, you are such annoying f***ing neighbours. And before anyone still continues to think I’m racist even after the pre-warning, there are a couple other houses in our neighbourhood owned and lived in by Indians too. But they’re a great bunch and don’t do such annoying things. I just happened to get stuck right in front of the annoying ones.

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