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I loved a guy named aaron. we broke up.I still had feelings for him.and still do. just two days after we brake up he asked out my BEST FRIEND!!!!! they dated for a long time i had boyfriends but deep down i knew it wasnt right.summer came i was single and aaron was still dating my friend so i tried one last time to feel the same way again.when school started a few weeks friend and aaron broke up last week.all my feeling started comming back but now i have a boyfriend and since he is sorta new at the i love u and kissing thing cause he is younger i feel so bad but at the same time i am guilty cause i still love aaron. what should i do?????

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Confessing isnt easy, but give it a try. If you cant do thet, then meet as many new guys as possible, and see if something clicks with one of them. Aaron obviously isnt worth the wait. But give another guy all your attention and see what happens. Show Aaron you moved on, even if its a lie, and It might actually happen. Dont look back to see what you and him had, because it might bring you down. Adore someone that adores you back.

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