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My parents don’t get it;(. I try my best at everything; good grades,student council president, and in national junior honor society, good student but it’s never good enough. They always say I lack common sense. I always say things before I think and I got in trouble because of that a few days ago. My dad said if I ever talked like that again I would get punched in the face and be beaten so hard that I won’t be recongizable but that’s when he’s mad I don’t blame him I went out of line that day. I’m 13 and in 8th grade they told me that day that I’m a retard for not growing up. I don’t want to grow up its scary but I try a bit I try to be good at being responsible but I forget a lot of stuff and some times things go missing and they get mad becaue it cost miney. There was this one time where I was so depressed I looked up suicide ways to die. And I almost killed myself with a belt hanging on my closer and I though maybe when I turn 18 I can leave and just get away. But that’s the thing I love them to and that makes me mad because they far mad for little things I’m sick and tired of it thu always think I’m up to something. And that’s the thing I domt get it anymore.

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