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They say life is what you make it.. I’ve tried so hard to make it what i want.. But everything keeps getting worse, i don’t know where i’m going in life, and i feel alone. I just wanna escape. everyday i wanna escape from the life i have, because i have tried so many times to make it better but something always comes in the way. And NOBODY gets me!! Nobody! I just wanna give up on everything in life!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    well we all go through this days & believe me i suffered lots, i hated life , i hated everything , i pushed everybody away, i even tried to kill my self twice i swear , i was thinking that i can’t handel more & that nobody gets me nobody, i tried drugs , i tried everything possible ti end my life! but once mom said ; why are you doing this to your self? you still young, you have no idea about the future it might be worst then your present, so you have to be stronger to handel it, i didn’t listen to my mom , but after amonge of time i met new friends , i started to open up like on a lot of things, i found that there are a lot of people around who cares about me, i learnt how to live again, i set up goels for my life , i have dreams to relize i can’t finish my life before doing all i want, life is realy beautiful but you just have to get through this & you’ll see .
    you have to start all over with a new personality & atittude , you have to let the one inside of you to come out & good luck with that 🙂

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