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Posted by on 2012/09/19 under Uncategorized

B**** you NEED ME. That’s why you always come back. But this time stay the f*** away from me, I hate you. You make me f***ing sick, I’m literately throwing up all your bulls***. I’m f***ing inhaling all YOUR stress into my lungs. I can smell all your lies & sorry’s from your ass. It don’t mean s*** to me, you don’t mean s*** to me, not no more. You treat me like a kid, you talk to me like a b**** you leave me like a joke & still have energy to come back with more. I do everything for you , get anything for you, I KILL MYSELF to make YOU happy. You make me disgusted to see all the things you do & make me hear. I feel all your anger, and hatred in my soul, I feel it rubbing against my bones eating my insides alive. My stomach turns every time you talk or I hear your name. My brain is going to explode from all the s*** you’ve put me through, I can here a bomb ticking in my head & I’m just sitting here waiting to see what I’ll do next if I f***ing feel this s*** any longer. I want to scream so loud but your blocking my vocal cords with all your emotions that are tramped inside of me. I want to run, I want to run far, but some how you always seem to out run me. I can’t get passed you, I can’t get away from you & I can’t f***ing live WITHOUT YOU.

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