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I’m a 15 years old Chicana confused of life; not knowing exactly where life is taking me but I’m ready for what’s to come, or am I? I don’t know, this whole being alive thing is complicated. It sort of reminds me of seeing a woman pregnant who has nothing to prepared for the upcoming baby? Not knowing what he or she might look like or whether or not she or he will be bright in mind and eyes? It all come backs to life. At least through my eyes, for the simple facts that you don’t know what’s coming or even what’s going in life? As a young person, life is still confusing I don’t understand how adults manage to pay all these things and have credit here and over there and bills are due and I have to do this or I have to do that. Maybe I’m just scared of responsibility; as my mom once told me, “As you get there you’ll know what to do.” but will I? Will I know what to do? I’m still not sure if want college to be the path for me. I hate school over all. People call me crazy but I rather look into a short career, maybe photography, cosmetology, dental assistance? just to know I’ll be something in life or do something in life maybe not something over the top, amazing like a well-paid lawyer or a brain surgeon but someone I will indeed be proud of becoming.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Don’t worry u will b ok…u will find your place in this world

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