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im scared of myself. my temper is out if control. my mind tells me to stop, but i fuel up with more rage. i have no ine to trust. my parents had a divorce and my mom blames it on me. my father isnt around anymore he moved out of the country and i wish i could have stayed with him. he was my best friend someone i could count on. my childhood bestfriend backstabbed me out of nowhere. she knew everything. i trusted her more than family. my ex boyfriend he was everything to me, but left me. he keeps texting me but hes too immature for me to go back to him. if i do ill get hurt again. its complicated. i trust no one. my.lifes going no where and im trapped inside my head. the new friends i have are a bad influence i know that but i have the need to be bad to feel that adrenaline rush to feel alive or human. everyone thinks im tough. because of the fact that im sarcastic and not let anyone bring me down but they have no idea. im scared of going out with someone else. im scared of my mother. im scared of trusting another friend but most of all im scared that this depressions getting to me. help. please. a boy committed suicide when i was a freshman in high school and his friends were supprised that he did it because he was so high spirited. i feel like i know what he went through. i just dont want to end up like him. help.

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