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I know you have a boyfriend. BUT WHY DO YOU ALWAYS TEXT ME! Why, why do you tell me everything…why do you kiss me…why do you act like you love me until your with him. I dont understand you say you cant be with me yet you do everything with me. I just told you today that I cant be “that guy” I loved you to much and I just wanted to be with you. And you said no. you said you loved him and I said ok AND NOW ITS KILLING ME. Is this a lie?

2 thoughts on “I love you

  1. Anonymous says:

    It is very much a lie and as soon as she sees you with someone else she will see!!! Move on it only gets better from here, you’ll see.

  2. nana says:

    I guess it really depends, some might say she`s selfish for wanting you both, but then again maybe she’s confused. I’m not entirely sure what kind of kiss it was, cause sometimes it can be a friendly one, I’m not sure, not really an expert, but if you still have feelings for her maybe it`s better to be her friend for now,cause you guys seem to have a good relationhip and later on see where it might bring you cause sometimes all a girl needs is a good friend, plus isn`t it better to be in her life as a friend then not at all, but I know it can be hard. Stay strong fellah u.u

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