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It’s not fair that I work so hard yet nobody even knows I’m here. Is it fair that people think I am just that kid. Nobodys wants to be my friend and everyone i like doesn’t like me. It’s not fair that i have never even been kissed and girls are picking and choosing there next boyfriends. I don’t understand why i had to get the s*** end of the stick. I never complain to people in real life but it just isn’t fair. People are going to make fun of me because i can’t do math. I know already what they are going to say. They are going to say that i just don’t “try” It really hurts me when people say I don’t “try” because i am trying and that makes it worse. They act like they are better then me. I know they are, but do they really have to push it in-front of there already big enough ego? I’m a waste of space and I don’t deserve to be happy. I know that but I really don’t want that to be true, but it’s just one of them things you just know. If I died today… Nothing would change in this world. Nothing. I would just be another kids who died. Witch is always sad yet I’ll be gone so why does it matter? Teenagers think they are so sad because a boy didn’t like them or they didn’t get to makeout with someone at that party last night. My worries are more about if I am going to even make it in life. Am i ever going to be anything? I know i wont.. But it’s honestly not fair. He is perfect at everything. Everything that kid touches turns to gold. He is perfect in looks, Talent and brains. I am nothing. I don’t have a talent, I want one.. but i don’t. There is always going to be someone better then me. I want to be talented and beautiful and half of them mother f***ing school.. Again.. It isn’t fair. I’m in my Media classroom typing this out with no one here because I have no friends or anybody who gives a s***. God I sound like a stupid 12 year old.. I really couldn’t care less because I know that i’m nothing going to be here for very much longer. My life will slip one day. I don’t want to die old, I want to die young and carefree… At least then I can die knowing Id be extremely popular on Facebook and at school. People only ever hear you when you’re gone.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Over-thinking is the destruction in ourselves. You my child, are lost within life and reality. As you continue to express yourself in this way you also continue to lie to yourself in the real world. Why? because the way you act is the reason who you are. You are nothing but emotions. If you can change your energy into positive. Men, Women, and I will come to you to give you what you need. But first, the start begins with you and the mindset you live son.

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