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my family recently rented four boys that attends university our downstairs apartment anyways three of them havent move in as yet but one and hes the one that have caught my attention. i am getting to like this guy but he dosent have a clue and im too shy to tell him because maybe he might have a girlfriend already or he might not feel the same way about me as i feel for him. his best quality is his simplicity hes not like other guys who normally are all flirtatious and all up there hes so down to earth and quiet hes a bit shy but it just gets to me. we dont talk to each other and if we do then its a simple goodmorning or goodafternoon and a warm smile but thats it i dont know if i should make the first move as to befriending him my friends tell me that i should start by being his friend and then if he feels that we can be more than friends then he would tell me maybe they are right but its so hard for me to make friend with him i have no idea why but theres something special about him that is not in any other guy that ive been with and i like it so should i make a move should i befriend him?

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