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Hey im new here so im just gonna start my saying that you can just call me sueanna no its not my name well not my first name anyways, im twenty years old and have two babies a lil boy & a lil girl im still with the dad goin on 3 1/2 years i love him to death, but i know hes not happy anymore . i dont think hes a family man hes 26 but all he really likes to do is hang out with his friends almost allday everyday. he use to be happy befor we had our lil boy but now hes not he doesnt really like spending time with us and when he does he likess to start fights so he can fall asleep on the couch. i sit at home alday every day with the babies and just the babies i use to have friends but he scared them away when we first got together and moved me 3 hours away from my family so i never get to see them we dont talk because theyr mad at me.. i want aa job so bad so i could just get away for a bit but he never takes me and i have no other way & the only internet i have is on my phone. i told him i wanted to get a job but he says wholl stay home with the babies and if i say anything else about it he gets mad. i found out the other day by his ex friend that when i went to visit my family for a week that he tried something with his ex friends girl and he had another women there the whole week i was gone when i asked him about it he poped my mouth like i was a lil kid we havent talked about it since then sometimes i feel so alone i just need someone to talk to sometimes

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    Leave him he is a dog

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