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Posted by on 2012/08/30 under Uncategorized

I’m 13 years old and I am a person who puts others before me and forgives too easily but then people forget to do the same with me so I’m sorta begotten. I always feel alone like I have nobody to talk to, and some times I feel ugly even though others say I look like a model. I just want to have somebody I can love cause there’s nobody at home I can possibly love at all, I have allot of friends this year but for the first time in half my life I actually have real friends that are like me but it sorta doesn’t feel like enough I feel like I want SOMEBODY. somebody I can share everything with and lean on times of trouble, cry to, laugh with. I want a frigging boyfriend, a good one but it seems any sort of good kind of boy isn’t attracted to me or is light years away. Sometimes I feel like I want a little sister but me and my social awkwardness…

Just waiting to feel happy with somebody

2 thoughts on “I just want to feel loved.

  1. Anonymous says:

    I know exactly how you feel.. Don’t worry your prince charming will come around soon and sweep you off your feet like the movies(:

  2. Anonymous says:

    You will be happy with somebody I know it. When the time is right. The only time you will find unhappiness with love is when you rush things. But I promise if you just let time happen things will turn out good. Live in the now, and enjoy every day life has to offer. Good Luck .xx

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