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Recently, my mom and dad divorced. My mom had an afaire, with 2 other men. She kept telling my dad, its not Chris or Rob Running this marrige, it’s just not working. BULLS***! mom, you committed your life, to going 2 hours to saginaw to see Rob, and than seein Chris here. They were your life. You put them before your own kids. and before you married my dad, you did it to mason too! you left rusty, and you freaking left Mason down state with his dad, that is not a true mom. Now, now your leaving me and jason. and it hurts. like a b****. It kills me mom. i cry myself to sleep every single night, wondering if, everything ever gonna be the same again, when i know its not gonna be. I’m living so many sins, im going to hell. I’m dating a girl, i don’t go to church…what mom? what did i do wrong?…what did i do wrong for you to walk out on this “family” you can’t be a teenager again, so stop buying clothig too small for you, stop cutting and dieing your hair, and be a mom…this hurts knowing, im never gonna have a true mother, whats it gonna be like, at parent night at jason’s football game? if you even go. whats it gonna be like, when he or I get married…you don’t even keep touch with Mason anymore…get your head on your shoulders and start maturing mom.

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Hang in there kiddo! Sometimes moms make really bad decisions! Don’t think for a second it’s your fault. You are right to express your feelings and saying how you feel. Don’t let your mother’s mistakes cause you to make them same one’s. You want something better for you and your future family. Go back to church, find your comfort and strength in The Lord. Don’t dabble in relationships that could draw you away from Him. You are smart and want more for yourself.

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