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hey , im 15 , and i dont really know who i love im confused im having feelings for more than a guy , i dont know who i really like and sometimes when i spend time hanging out with my friiends which some of them are guys who are so popular and not fall i love just for fun they have gfs , i dont know i feel when i leave they would talk about me :S i dont know im hating life [ not emo or whatever ] and dont think im ugly many guyss love me :s but i love none of them , but i really want to have someone who loves me and love him :s how can i know who i really love ?! a guy when he went on my heart got all fast and i directly texted him , and another when i go anywehre i c someone alike to him or the 3rd one who i see every week or day !? idk idk idk HELP

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  1. Anonymous says:

    honey, when you find someone that you will truly end up falling in love with you will know. If you think you have to ask who you should love, it isnt going to be love. maybe just find a new guy in general. try sticking to just one to keep things less complicated.

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