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Have you ever stopped in a middle of a place and thought what are all these people thinking and doing???…. what am I hear on earth to do today??? I believe i’m here for ny brother….. in your case it might be family…friends…anybody or anything…!! So when your down or upset just think i have someone or something out there right now thinking i am lucky to have her/him in my life. Maybe it doesn’t seem like that right now but in the long run it will be worth it…. Stay alive breath that air and live your life! Feel happy, sad, or angry. Everybody has feelings just don’t mess up your life or take your life….. STAY ALIVE FOR YOUR AND THAT SOMEONE OR SOMETHING….Maybe it can be a talent or family, friends, or somethings that means something to you…live your life!!!! Be you who cares if your not perfect!!! In your reading this wear your favorite color tomorrow and if you can’t write down your favorite quote that inspires you and put it in your pockets and take it out and read it and smile… or maybe a picture to go with that quote!!!! Just be you and love your life!!!:) <3life

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