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I feel so terribal, but i dont know why. I have started cutting, becuse i fell so terribal. Its like a part of me is missing and When i think of my dad… Well i hate him but i dont know why! I have always hated him, and when i visit him i want to cut a lot. I dont know if its from my childhood or what. But what ever my feelings are they have made me cut, i want to stop but i cant. And i havent told anyone :/ they Will be so disepoited of me:/ i cant bear the tougt of that. I want to cut often,When i cut i dont always make myself bleed but son it almost does, becuse then pepole dont get supisus :/ i feel so bad, but i have friends :/ but something yust feel wrong and makes me sad and deeprest :/ i almost got anoreksi becuse of my dad, he caled me fat i dident want to eat after that. But now i cut :/ i yust want to get the feelings away frome me :/ -isa

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  1. Jacie says:

    My best friend has had an experience almost exactly like yous. She use to use and tried starving herself because she felt too fat. Don’t do that to youself, your only making it worse. By doing so your only digging a deeper and deeper hole, and soon you won’t be able to get out. It helps to tell someone you trust. They will never be disapointed in you. You can’t help but be who you are. And accept it. Everyone is beautiful in theyre own unique way, don’t let anyone stand in you way. You’ll always be special and if you keep hurting yourself, it’s gonna end up unfixable. Think of all the people that love you, by hurting yourself your also hurting them. Don’t give up hope.

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