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Posted by on 2012/08/21 under Uncategorized

It’s sorta f***ed up how you people are only thinking of yourselves. She can’t even take care of herself. She’s in a nursing home. We’re trying to figure out a way to get money for her to stay there, because there is absolutely no way that she can ever come back home. It’s not like she has cancer or anything, but, in retrospect, she is dying. The woman who gave birth to you and raised you and always took care of you. She didn’t even give birth to me and I respect her life more than you do! She’s my grandmother. When I was growing up I would go over to her house so often, it was my second home. My sisters had that priviledge as well. But the difference is, my grandma was taking care of them. I was taking care of my grandma. By the time I was born and grown old enough to start helping, I did. I took care of her house, fed her her cats, helped her with her laundry, anything she needed..I fed her dog, walked him, loved him, and all that jazz. Until one day, when I got old enough, I started to have my own life. I couldn’t go over to her house every day after school anymore. I still came over about 2 or 3 days a week, though. But since no one else could f***ing ever do ANYTHING! not even my cousins who lived RIGHT NEXT F***ING DOOR! Long story short, the dog died, we had to put him down. Because nobody would take care of him.

And nobody wanted to get this s*** dealt with because they didn’t want to admit that she’s getting old and we don’t have the money to keep her in the nursing home unless we sell her god damn house. and now we’re selling everything inside of it too? It just doesn’t seem right to me… One day I’ll be walking through a thrift shop, and see my grandmother’s whole life.. all of her belongings, everything… up for sale like some old junk that nobody wanted.

But you people aren’t worried about any of that, now are you? You’re only worried about what you will get after she DIES. You rotten son of a b****es shouldn’t get anything, if you want MY opinion.

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