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Posted by on 2012/08/13 under Uncategorized

i feel like my life is falling apart my friends dont even have time for each other now and i just feel so lonely. i came out of a bad relationship but i still feel like i miss the guy even though tings were constantly rough between us is this normal? sometimes i feel like im the only one whos goin through bad times even my family finds fault with me and i have no idea why i try my best to please everyone but yet its vain. i constantly feel like the odd one out in school and other places even around family members they want everyone to be the perfect person which im not ive made alot of mistakes which i learned from and im trying to better my self but that dosnt seem to take any effect on anyone they still tend to treat me like the “bad girl” in the family and they alwayz find fault with me but they should realise that no ones perfect…….i just give up!! :'(

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