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Posted by on 2012/08/12 under Uncategorized

I’ve been holding these thoughts in me for so long.. I can’t keep going like this. I dont know what to do, Im stuck in a hole i cant get out of. So lonely, so depressed, so sad? I dont know when this started I dont know how this started! Im so angry i let myself get this low.. Why am i here? Why do I feel like this all the time! let me free let me be happy 🙁

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  1. Anonymous says:

    There needs to be a certain darkness in order to see the stars. This… right here, might be your lowest of all days. But I know that you will be happy again. In fact, it is up to you. Remind yourself that things will be better soon. In a year, it will not matter. No matter how deep that hole is, there is a way to get out. When I was very young, in the third grade, there was a poster on my teacher’s wall. It said, “No matter how far you go down the wrong road, you can always turn back.” And that stuck with me for years and years and now I want to share it with you because it is true. .xx

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