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Posted by on 2012/08/11 under Uncategorized

Now we have known each other for three years,time passed and my love grew and his faded away!I’ve done everything to please him to make him feel I’m the one and still he doesn’t feel anything. He said I love you 100 times but I never knew if it’s just a friendly I love you! I’m head over heels, and now I started to feel like I annoy him, few days ago he told me you are so dramatic and ridiculous after I was just trying to fight over something that made me feel bad. I told him I’m sorry and that I love him he didn’t reply! It’s been 6 days since the last day we have talked and this happened. Should I move on? Or be silly enough to wait for him to reply? Because I’m actually being silly and I’m waiting. I missed him so much and it’s such a pain to feel like he doesn’t miss me and I’m not even a part of his plans anymore! Why life isn’t fair? Will he ever come back?

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