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ive always felt like the black sheep of the family firstly because i am my mums first born child , she then went on to have 3 more children with another man so bascially they are my half siblings. my mum has always made me aware of how diffrent i am to my siblings i.e they are lighter than me in complexion, only because their dad has turkish heritage whereas i am darker but im not that dark im caramel . i dont have a big nose or african hair although we are african lol. ive raised my siblings with my mum as she divorced her second hubby i take the kids to school, i pick them up , i cook , clean and hardly have anytime for my self my mums friends and family always praise me on how im such a wonderful dauhghter and without me my mum would struggle. ive beeen to uni to study psychology for 2 years but i dropped out because of my family commitments yet my mum still treats me like s***. she curses at me daily , she wishes horrible thing on me , she hits me , spits on me humiliates me and so on and yet i do nothing because i always belive that one day i will be out of this mess. but im struggling to belive that any more.

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