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In a song there’s a place- there’s a time- a moment- a memory-a picture- a life time- a lesson-an experience-How can that fit all in 5 minutes? I think its insane that you can reduce a life time to the length of a song-Do you ever wonder how you come up with your dreams?- I sometimes workout these amazing math problems in my dreams but then as I’m dreaming I wonder if I m actually that smart?-Do you think its possible to know everything about life and be able to explore it in your dreams?- They say you forget 95% of your dream within a few minutes of waking up- Why is it that you can experience it and feel like you’re living it and then you can only remember something about a hamster and cereal when you wake up- Sometimes I test myself and try to tell my dream within the first couple of minutes and it never fails that I’m in the middle of my story and suddenly its escaped me- How many other things do I see and hear that escape me so easily- Do you ever get reminded of a memory? – You forgot it and then suddenly its just there- Where do they hide in the mean time? Sometimes I don’t know whether I’ve dreamt it or it happened in real life-Memory Vs. Importance – Dream Vs Real life.- What makes something important enough for it to become part of your memory?

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