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Wow what a day-first experience of the day- Starring off into the parking lot watching the water puddles dance as the rain filled them- The action of filling something- Time lapse captures that beauty- Time lapse of something :growing, living and decomposing – What a strange feeling- My day reminded me that when you question whether your day could get any worse- Life likes to stir the pot and stay consistent- Is there truly a “wrong” way to live?- You’re just another experience of life- Can you doubt your doubts?- It’s my sisters birthday today- She will always be 3 years older than me- I wish people would stop contradicting themselves- A reaction too late is always way too late- Do I just not care vs. Am I full of s*** – I wish that I had the power to escape my mind- Can you believe that we can only see as far as light has traveled- light years- What happens if we see the edge of existence- How can you see nothing? Even if it’s black it’s still sometime-How will you know in the dark?- If someone tells you there is a bird in the sky. And you don’t see one. Then one swoops down from behind the clouds- There was a bird in the sky-Just because you didn’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there- I always love the question- If a tree falls down in the forest- does it make a sound–Some will say no, because no one was there to hear it- But it still creates sound waves- You can’t say the t.v isn’t making a sounds when you decide to plug your ears and not hear it anymore- It’s not about you-Remember.

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