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Posted by on 2012/07/31 under Uncategorized

Hello. Can i talk about my night last night? Hung out with a guy i really like. It was probably one of the most lovely evenings i’ve had in a while. I’m going to change names. My friend, Taylor and I went to this guy’s house. Lets call him Trevor. And his friend Justin. Taylor and Trevor have a thing and Justin and I used to. I like him again but i’m pretty sure he’s talking to another girl. But okay, we got there and did some fireworks because Trevor had some left over from the fourth of july. We did some fireworks, which was fun. like roman candles and sparklers and more stuff, like actual fireworks. Then we hung out for a while. Laid out in Trevor’s room, swam, trampoline, fire, walked. It was really fun. And the entire time, justin would flirt with me. Let me describe this to you. When we were upstairs in Trevor’s room, he sat next to me and would cross his leg over mine and would touch me and flirt with me. Then we went on the walk and while Taylor and Trevor were flirting behind us, Justin and I were walking ahead and he would put his arm around me and play with my hair and grab me and hold my hand and run into me on purpose. And he was just being all cute and giving me compliments and other stuff and it made me realize how much i really like him. but then when trevor asked him if he liked me, he said “not really” like wtf. you can flirt with me and be all over me and then just not like me? and he’s talking to this other girl named madison. like thanks so muchhh ughhhhhhhhhhhhh i love him

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