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im completely lost . i feel alone and sad , as if nothing matters..i make nothing but mistakes . i cant seem to make my mom happy nor anyone else . im broken inside , everything that iv gone through when i was a child effects me so much now i dont know why either . i smoke , drink , cut and rebell to deal with everything . i use to be happy or so i thought but now im sad . doctors have tried pills to help but they dont now they think im bipolar? everything seems so mest up for me right now . im only 14 , why am i going through this !!!i am a rape victim , seen my own mother get beat , shes always on and off drugs , my father left when i was a baby and olny seen him once when i was eleven . i hate the fact i dissapoint my mom so much , i wish i could make her proud. i have no idea who i am . im lost and so confused… and it breaks my heart /:

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  1. Anonymous says:

    You’ll be fine. With age you gain knowledge. Eventually you’ll understand that you’re not the problem. Some people are stuck in a hole and are too consumed by the things going on in their life that they forget how to rescue their self. You just need to focus on your life. Life is a beautiful thing- one of the only things you can’t ever get back. You’ll be the one controlling your life soon. Learn from your experience and let it guide you into a better and happier path. Don’t let your spirit get lost.

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