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Things only keep getting worse and I feel like going crazy, I shouldve never let you leave for afghanistan. it really has changed the both of us so much. your always angry for reasons unknown and i constantly sit at home for you and cry because of the hurtful things you say now, you used to be so sweet and loving, now your full of anger towards the world and its really hard to handle. we still have 417 days left of the army life but sometimes i feel like i cant live like this anymore and i want to kill myself. we’ve been together since 9th grade and i wouldnt trade a day of my life with you, its been 4 years now and i love you with all my heart, i may not show it alot but i meant it with all my heart. im sorry for everything that has happened to you and i know your stressed but never getting to talk to you when your a 1,000 miles away kills me, i wait to talk to you ever night and its never enough when we do and i just want to scream at the f***ing world! your in colorado and im here. if i didnt have so much responsibility here i would be there with you. but even you know i cant. i am sorry and everyday i feel like i let you down not being there and im sorry! everytime i hear your voice on the phone i hear your pain and i know your hurting! i would give up everything for you in a heartbeat, no matter what happens im always going to be here for you through everything you go through! always know this!

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