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Posted by on 2012/07/17 under Uncategorized

I hate to even call this dumb piece of s*** my brother. He is a disgusting, heartless, fat ass idiot. I was sending an important piece of mail today and he takes it outside and threatens to get it wet with a sprinkler and threatens to rip it up for no reason at all so of coarse I’m cursing at him and screaming at him because he is the dumbest piece of s*** to ever walk the earth with no manners at all and I dont understand how we could possibly be related. So as I’m finally getting it back he bends it up and tries to hit me so I scream at him some more. This is an IMPORTANT letter and I dont see how thats so hard to understand. Oh, right. He’s the stupidest f*** in the world so thats how. I wish he would just go die in a hole. I hate him. I seriously hate that fat f***. All he does is causes me stress and sadness. He will burn in hell.

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