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i feel like i don’t belong in my family sometimes. today my sister and i had a huge fight, it was never this serious. it started when she told me that i take some things too seriously, but it just tripped off my last nerve for that girl. i started to say that she should stop telling me things to put me down but she kept on interrupting and disagreeing with everything i said. i told her some thoughts i had about her and she kept on saying that i was wrong. but whenever she says something about me i just take it and say something about her unlike her just saying that everything i say is totally wrong. it was so serious that she actually started to cry, so did i but i am sensitive so i cry a lot but nobody understands that they just think that i am weak. even though i was very angry at my sister i did care when she started to cry. she told me that i got an attitude when she left to go somewhere for a while and i said that i wished she would just go back, i know it was wrong to say but i don’t feel bad at all for that, it felt like she finally got a taste of what she was giving to me all the time. but the truth is that i get more angry with my family as i get older, i guess its just a teen thing. whatever i just need to let this go because i know that when my family comes together to talk about what happened they would all blame me and it would never be my sister’s fault. mostly because she is the perfect child. i told her that my own family members tell me that and she said that i was lying which got me even angrier. i told her that she puts me down and lowers my self esteem sometimes and she said that i just make that up in my ‘pretty little head.’ that made me super angry i just wanted to hit her. but nobody really cares about me so……..atleast i got this out.

2 thoughts on “Family Problems

  1. Person who understands says:

    i so understand our problems and i hope you feel better 🙂 my family is just like that

  2. Anonymous says:

    We all have family issues but eventually they pass because we know deep down that we love our family. They are always there for us. And I know you and your sister fight sometimes but she does love you. Please remember that .xx

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